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"Simply the best!! Thank you All Access for all your hard work and dedication. I walked in there wondering if I would ever be the same again and walked out of there crying because of how far I've come and knowing I have my life back. Special thanks to Jill, Chris, Mel and Katie for all your patience, kindness and sense of humor. I already miss my PT family!!"

-Jill Coderre

"Just started a new round of PT after being away for several years. I really feel comfortable at the facility with the staff and I'm looking forward to another successful outcome!!"

-Bob Olson

"All access has been a fantastic partner in my recovery - all three times I needed them! They have helped me gain health and strength for recovery and for my life going forward. I highly recommend them. Also there's always good tunes playing!"

-Barbara Farrington

"This is my second time getting physical therapy at ALL ACCESS in Shrewsbury and I couldn't be happier with my overall experience. They are kind, attentive and the results have been awesome! I highly recommend them to anyone seeking to overcome an injury or to simply maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. I have worked with Pam and Jonathan in particular and can't say enough about them! Thanks guys!"

-Zee Avakian

"I have seen a few of All Access PTs, over several years, and have made it through each time, with great results."

-Rae Koenig

"Courteous, professional, considerate services. Highly recommend."

-Ramesh Mundra

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We make it easy for you to get started in PT By completing the forms we provide for you on this site in advance of your first appointment, we will be able to start your care sooner on the day you come in for the first time. Thank you! - The Administrative Staff.

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