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Take Your Sports Conditioning to the Next Level with our Strength and Conditioning Programs

All-Access Physical Therapy along with our partner fitness center, All-Access Fitness Academy, offer teams and individual athletes of all ages access to comprehensive sports strength and conditioning services. Our training programs are written and supervised by Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists and are designed to maximize all athletes’ potential while reducing their risk for injury. Our Sports Strength and Conditioning training programs take place in a 5,000 square foot section of our fitness facility set up to help athletes of all ages maximize their results in all sports and activities. Additionally, we offer a Variety of Training Programs to Fit Your Needs Including Our Renowned Summer Camp Programs for Students! Each summer we host middle and high school student athletes under the direction of our certified strength and conditioning coaches for a direct, effective, and affordable camp focused on improving in season performance and limiting injuries. Additionally, our sports conditioning services include specific training programs for a variety of different sports throughout the year including baseball/softball, basketball, hockey, football, gymnastics, and lacrosse. We offer two options to choose from to get your athletes involved in our programs:

Individual Option: Perfect for athletes who are looking to get quicker, faster, and stronger we have individual plans for both youth and adolescent athletes. We first take our athletes through an assessment with one of our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists and based on the assessment findings we create a customized strength and conditioning program. Focusing on the individual, the athlete is then guided through one (or more) personal training sessions to learn their program and to improve their outcomes specific to sport.

Team Option: Coaches and parents who are looking for a strength and conditioning program for a team of athletes would best benefit from our team of All Access Fitness Academy’s experienced Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists. We are willing to work with local coaches, athletic directors, and sports organizations to customize programs and schedules in our great facility. For more information, ask your therapist or contact Joe Erwin, Director of Personal Training & Sales, at joe@allaccessfa.com or 508-845-3974 to tell us more about you and your team’s needs and let us help you bring your team to the next level.