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Do you have a persistent injury that will not go away, regardless of what you do? Or, have you been putting off seeing your doctor or seeking help for your injury due to lack of time or cost of healthcare? If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, then we have a solution for you! Unfortunately, you are not alone. We are all notorious for putting off our own health and injuries for many reasons. It’s time to break that trend!

Two common reasons are:

1. Time
2. Cost

This type of thinking will not take care of your injury or painful condition and sooner than later, more likely than not, the problem will get worse. As a result, the cost of taking care of this problem will increase often the longer it lasts. So, what can we do that is affordable and not as time consuming to take care of your injury? The first thing you have to accept is that the sooner you address it, usually the less time and cost it will take. Getting sound advice on how to take care of an injury quickly can be found for free! You just have to know where to go to get it. For example, did you know that we offer FREE Injury Assessment Sessions? In a matter of 30 minutes, one of our expert physical therapists can evaluate your condition and provide you with some time efficient and affordable solutions for managing your injury. Get the help that You need! Call All-Access Physical Therapy at 508-845-3500 to schedule your Free Injury Screening Appointment, or click the CLICK HERE button below and request a call from our staff to schedule your appointment today!

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