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Website Testimonials

“I Hope I don’t have to come back, but if I do, I will definitely come back here. This was my second experience at All Access. I was here about 6 years ago and it’s still a great place- wonderful staff!”

-Sandra Johnson

“I had a great time at therapy and it’s amazing how they got me back as fast as they could to gymnastics. This will be the first place I tell friends and family to go to if they need Physical Therapy.”

-Patrick Gordon

I’ve been coming here for several years for several different injuries and I would never go anyplace else for my Physical Therapy needs…plus you get a t-shirt upon graduation!”

-Joan Matys

“It was really a good decision I made to come to All Access, I didn’t think my there was anything I could do to fix my back. I am very thankful for the great team here at All Access and appreciate everything!”

-Austin Jordan

“Absolutely excellent staff and amazing results. I have had PT in the past for various issues but never with such results and understanding of my body.”

-Heather Flaherty

“The therapists are dedicated to figuring out what will work for each patient. The camaraderie among the staff and other patients. I got some of my best laughs for the week at PT.”

-Janet Cason

“I have been to many Physical Therapists in the past but unequivocally they ranked #1. Not only professional but fun and positive – which is what you need when you don’t feel well.”

-Joyce Tarabanovic

“I am extremely pleased with the level of treatment and expertise at All-Access. This is my PT facility of choice!”

-Dale Elliott

“This is my 1st time doing PT. I have a ton of respect for the therapists. They have impressive technical knowledge, great healing techniques, and nice personalities.”

Bob Howell

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We make it easy for you to get started in PT By completing the forms we provide for you on this site in advance of your first appointment, we will be able to start your care sooner on the day you come in for the first time. Thank you! - The Administrative Staff.

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